Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Beach Trip!!

My sister Aubrey flew home from CO to spend the week with us!! The kids loved sharing a room with her!!!

Daddy sure did enjoy his downtime and playing with his kiddos!!

This is what Braxton did when I asked him to pose...Pimpin!!!

Enjoying snack time in the Beach tent!

Lots and lots of Sand Castle building!!

This is my fave picture of the kiddos with my brother and sister!! The children wore them out but they all had so much fun!! Brax spent hours one day jumping waves with my brother on his boogie board! He was like a shark...did not want to come out of the water!!

We had perfect weather and perfect company! We stayed in a house in Seagrove, FL and pretty much spent the whole time in the sand and water! I think I fixed my hair just once that week! It's such a gift to be totally absorbed in playing with your not have to think about laundry, groceries, chores, work, etc...the list goes on! We still got up early and went to bed late...but it was so worth it! I loved having coffee with my mom and sis on the balcony over looking the quiet and still! I so take for granite the "play" time I spend with my children...I truly don't do enough of it! I have to force myself to put all else aside and say, "You are most important to me, right now." They are only little once, and when it's over, it's over. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get in a few days at the beach every month??

Blah, blah...Our beach trip was amazing...always is...always hard to leave! But thankfully we have the moments, tradition and memories to last forever!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally...A Vacation!!

We are finally getting to go to the Beach!! We are more excited than usual...This momma is ready to chill for a few days!! These pix were taken exactly 3 years ago! Braxton was 21 months and Janie Belle was almost 3 months!! They are some of my small and so precious!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to Pre-school!!

So BIG and holding the door for mommy and Sissy!!

Gotta love those flapping pig tails!!

Very happy to sit next to little buddy Barrett Galimore!

Saying, "Cheese" for Ms.Shea when she first got to her room!

\What a Big day for these 2!! They went Joyfully and with BIG Smiles!! Mommy went with quite a few tears and a heavy heart! What is is about school in general that makes little lives flash before your eyes? I wonder if my mission as "mother" is being accomplished...Have I nourished their minds, bodies and souls enough to take on this great world without me? Have I read to them enough? Have I cuddled enough? Have I laughed with them enough so that their little hearts are overflowing with Joy? Have I prayed for them enough? Have I kissed enough boo-boos? Am I up to par in every department of their childhood? The truth is...I have absolutley no idea...!! I never will and I think as parents we are critical of ourselves and how well, or not well, we parent! My own mother still talks about things she would have done differently!

However, what I do know is that they both RAN, literally RAN...joyfully and willingly into a new season with laughter, excitement and no hesitation!! This makes my heart happy...that they are confident and content in their little, tiny lives to take on their own, childish mission...And that is just being a kid...and Loving it!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Rodeo Time...!!

Braxton rode his first sheep and LOVED it!!! He would do it over and over again if he could!!!

Oh, so proud Daddy picture!!!

I love this picture...Maybe because he looks so much like his daddy, or maybe because he looks so, so growny...which is a little sad too...This picture totally encompasses all that he is, rough and tough and such a little man...But oh, so very sweet and loving on the inside!!!

Braxton preparing for the Truck Race...this one is so, so funny to watch!!

And their off!!! Can you spot Janie Belle?

Practicing their roping skills on Anna Kate! Too cute!

Precious little friends!

Braxton is now obsessed with horses and especially riding them, this is a Pony but I'm sure to him it's close enough to horse size! He can steer him and stop him and make him go on his own...Quick learner!!

This was our third annual trip to the Little Boots Rodeo in Montgomery!! We love this tradition and all the fun events! The Horak family joined in on the fun, as well as our cousins too! This is so Braxton's element...dirt, trucks, sheep, horses, boots and lots of other fun little boys to play with! He's just so growny all of a sudden, so sweet! He rode his first sheep and had the best day! Sissy was much more cautious and hesitant about all the action, but still enjoyed herself! Oh, how sweet these memories are!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big #3!!!!

Janie Belle with her cousin Chloe!!

Angel Face, Caroline Smith!!!!

Sweet friend Myles Tatum!

Funny friend emily Gaberlavage!!!

The kids very much enjoyed Ice Cram Cone Cupcakes....

Big Girl blowing out her three Birthday candles!!!

This cake was DE-LICIOUS!! Made by my friend Brooke Hovey!!

We celebrated Janie Belle's 3rd Birthay a few weeks back with face painting, ice cream and lots of sweet friends!! She had a ball and I still can't believe my baby is 3!! Wow...She acts so growny, yet I still feel like three is still so small and innocent...She likes to be in everybody's business, always asking lots of questions about what your doing and Why?? Loves to play dollies and especially house with Braxton...sometimes I will get in on the action and she likes for me to be the Granny!! I love this little girl, she is so pretty and precious...small and thoughtful...wish I could hold on to her little self forever!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun Web-sites!!

I am always impressed by the new web-sites I find offering creativity and inspiration! I can be creative in the the sewing department, but am not however when it comes to Paper!! But, I have found some fancy women who are!! Garnish is a new site I have found offering cool and unique paper wears to spruce up any party, home or gift ideas! They have a blog also that's loaded with inspirations for any occasion, small or big!! Visit them at There is another savvy site called How Does She that posts women's ideas on life, home dec., food and fun creativity from all over! I have found some really adorable printables to use for a few different projects of my own!! One more place to check out is One Charming Party! So, so cute! I got most my ideas for Janie Belle's 3rd birthday party here. (which I will be posting soon!) Until then, these are pictures of my Teacher gifts a gave at my kids pre-school last week! They are very simple but so adorable! The containers came from Garnish and the the thank you printable came from How Does She! I used my own pink and yellow papers I already had, along with the ribbon! I nice way to spruce up a gift card for anyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Long time, no "Say"...

I believe this is called "Walloring!"

...It's been a while! Since finishing up Spring sewing, I have been tending to my little sheep and very much enjoying their time!!! We are all well, Janie Belle will be 3 on Saturday...Can not believe it! She is too cute! Talks a lot, very nosey and concerned about what's going on...Loves to play babies, house and all things domestic!! What do ya' know...Braxton has been spending a lot of time with Daddy! Isaac has planted 100 acres of cotton and is getting ready to start a new business the first of June!! Braxton has been right there with him the whole way...He doesn't miss a beat. He has planted his own crop of corn, tomatoes and wheat! He loves to "cultivate" and he prays for rain!! He thinks he's grown...I took these pix on April 28, the day after the tornado's! After seeing all the devastation on TV, I looked outside to see my two driving trucks through a mud puddle. My first reaction was to run out side and say, "Get out of the mud!!!!" But instead, I grabbed the camera and went to town...I was so thankful that day, to have a safe home and see huge smiles and laughter amongst my children!! (I did get the clothes clean and they still wear them as "farm attire.")