Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Beach Trip!!

My sister Aubrey flew home from CO to spend the week with us!! The kids loved sharing a room with her!!!

Daddy sure did enjoy his downtime and playing with his kiddos!!

This is what Braxton did when I asked him to pose...Pimpin!!!

Enjoying snack time in the Beach tent!

Lots and lots of Sand Castle building!!

This is my fave picture of the kiddos with my brother and sister!! The children wore them out but they all had so much fun!! Brax spent hours one day jumping waves with my brother on his boogie board! He was like a shark...did not want to come out of the water!!

We had perfect weather and perfect company! We stayed in a house in Seagrove, FL and pretty much spent the whole time in the sand and water! I think I fixed my hair just once that week! It's such a gift to be totally absorbed in playing with your not have to think about laundry, groceries, chores, work, etc...the list goes on! We still got up early and went to bed late...but it was so worth it! I loved having coffee with my mom and sis on the balcony over looking the quiet and still! I so take for granite the "play" time I spend with my children...I truly don't do enough of it! I have to force myself to put all else aside and say, "You are most important to me, right now." They are only little once, and when it's over, it's over. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get in a few days at the beach every month??

Blah, blah...Our beach trip was amazing...always is...always hard to leave! But thankfully we have the moments, tradition and memories to last forever!!!

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